Carpet Care

Carpet Enzyme Stain Remover


  1. Multi Purpose Digester With Instant Odor Control
  2. Organic Waste Digester
  3. A Liquid Cleaner, Stain Remover Enzyme Digestant & Deodorizer


Pre-spot treatment prior to shampooing carpets and laundering textiles in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. This Enzyme Digestant Cleaner/Deodorizer dissolves grease, odor, dirt, etc. Neutralizes offensive odors and actually digests protein and organic soils and stains such as blood, cosmetics, urine, fecal matter, coffee, wine, Kool-Aid, ink, iodine, spoiled foods, vomit, pet odors and stains, mildew, etc.

. Recommended for cleaning & deodorizing carpets, upholstery, textiles, vinyl, leather & synthetics.


Spray soiled surface until moist.

. After cleaner has worked at least 5 minutes, blot up with a damp turkish towel or clean cloth. If spot remains, brush pile in opposite directions.

. For pre-spotting before shampooing carpet or laundering textiles, wet out spots and stains and agitate. On extreme conditions repeat process.

. For organic hard to remove stains, (urine, vomit, etc.). Remove as much waste as possible. Wet thoroughly and rub into area. Leave area wet and allow to dry normally. Repeat if necessary.


Minimum order 1 Gallon

4x1 single Gallons per case

6x1 single gallons per case

5 gallon pails

6 gallon pails

30 gallon drum

55 gallon drum


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