Citrus Products

Citra Dust Mop Treatment (Aerosol)


  1. Penetrating Dust Mop Treatment
  2. Water/Oil Emulsion
  3. Magnetic Dust Attraction
  4. Machine Washable
  5. Fresh Citrus Aroma


This simple one step solution to ensure maximum dust absorption on dust mops and cloths.

. Sprays as a quick breaking, penetrating foam that deposits magnetic dust attractant deep into rags, cloth, mops and brooms enabling immediate use.

. Dust mop treatment converts dust into heavy lint that is easily picked up and keeps it from floating through the air.

. Contains a self indicating foam that shows when mop is saturated and will no longer absorb dust, dirt or lint.

. Treated mops or cloths can be shaken out or washed in sink or washing machine.

. Leaves the area with a fresh citrus aroma.

. Use on: Floors, Furniture, Frames and Sills, Venetian Blinds, Woodwork, Table Tops and Wall Panels.


Shake well before using.

. Offers a 360 degree valve which allows spraying in upright or inverted position. Spray foam in a sweeping motion across rag, mop, cloth or broom. Allow to penetrate into fibers. Re-apply as needed to attract dust or dirt. Shake out or wash when considerable dust or lint build up is noticed or if foam will no longer soak in after application.


Minimum order 1 case (12 cans per case)

12 aerosol cans per case


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