Computer Care

Air Duster


  1. High Pressure
  2. 100% Ozone Safe - 0% VOC
  3. Completely Non Flammable
  4. Moisture Free
  5. A High Discharge Spout Which Provides A Forceful Spray and Helps Reduce Finger Tip Chill and Fatigue
  6. Aerosol


A high pressure, ultra pure, moisture-free gas for removing microscopic dirt, dust, iron oxide deposits, lint and paper from: camera lenses, scientific equipment, disk drives and cartridges, timing devices, instruments, electro-mechanical devices, film, magnetic tapes, heads and card strip pickup units, optical pickups, computer printers, fax machines, copiers, and more.


Keep can in an upright position. Hold can 2 inches from surface to be dusted. Operate in a series of short blasts. For pinpoint application, insert extension tube into spout orifice. Do not tilt, invert or shake can. Tilting or inverting will dispense contents as a liquid. Liquid can cause frostbite.


12 aerosol cans per case


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