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Moisture Displacer


  1. Demoisturant Protectant
  2. Non-Chlorinated
  3. Non-Flammable Spray
  4. Displaces Water
  5. Penetrates - Cleans
  6. Frees Frozen Fittings
  7. 22,000 Volt Dielectric Strength
  8. Never Dries
  9. Lubricates


Non-flammable penetrating spray that creeps under and displaces moisture in wet electrical systems. Cleans away corrosion to help restore correct current flow. Provides a waterproof film that protects parts and prevents moisture induced short circuits. Safe to spray on running electrical equipment. Hundreds of automotive uses. For use on running lights, distributors, and seat adjustment mechanisms.


To Displace Moisture: Spray electrical equipment until thoroughly saturated. Allow to penetrate before attempting to restart, then reapply to protect surface.

. To Loosen Frozen Nuts and Bolts: Apply liberally to frozen nuts and bolts, hinges and sliding and rotating parts. Allow to penetrate into threads. Work parts back and forth, then re-apply to leave a never-dry, protective lubricating film

. To Ensure adequate protection reapply periodically.


12 aerosol cans per case


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