Electronic Maintenance

Electronic Parts Chiller


  1. Pinpoint Spray - Instant Freezing
  2. 100% Ozone Safe - 0% VOC
  3. Completely Non Flammable
  4. Quick Freezing Action
  5. Moisture Free


A high purity freezing agent for electronic application. Allows isolation of single components in low temperature electronic testing. Protects expensive components during soldering or desoldering and non-destructive testing of electronic and electro-mechanical systems. Quickly cools thermostats for activation and testing. A highly efficient localized heat sink for assembly of electronic circuits. Instantly chills small pins, shafts, bushings, bearings, etc., for precision shrink-fitting.


Insert extension tube into actuator for pinpoint application. Spray from a close distance (1 to 2 inches) until frost appears.


minimum order 1 case, 12 cans per case

12 aerosol cans per case


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