Odor Control & Deodorants

ODOR Ban Odor Eliminator


  1. Eliminate the Harshest of odors
  2. Not a Masking Agent
  3. Non Toxic
  4. Non Staining
  5. Non Corrosive
  6. Minimum order is only 1 single quart or 1 single gallon


Odor Bab is a unique formulation. It is the only chemical of its kind, possessing true deodorant qualities. Through a chemical reaction, this odor eliminator has the tendency of neutralizing odors caused by organic decomposition. This is a scientifically developed neutralized agent. It is not a mask for undesirable odors and does not in any way dull the sense of smell. When dilute as recommended and dispersed into the air in the form of a fine mist. Odor Eliminator has the remarkable property of destroying odors associated with human beings, animals, food and human habitations. This process eliminates odors without effecting the natural decomposition process of landfills and compost stations.

. This odor eliminator can be used straight or diluted with water up to 20 to 1 for lighter odors. Spray or mist this product to eliminate and all odors.

. Odor Eliminator is formulated with a light scent to give immediate relief from undesirable odors while the chemical action takes place eliminating the unwanted underlying odors.

. When used in a watering truck dilute approximately 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons of Odor Eliminator in 2000 gallons of water.

Odor Tests :

Procedure : Non ventilated room. The odor source was placed in a closed room and allowed to remain until an exceptionally obnoxious odor was prevalent in the confined area. The odor source was removed and the room was sprayed with a low pressure container of Odor Eliminator . The eliminator was sprayed toward the four corners of the room in a circular fashion for some seconds. The individual that sprayed the area left. After one minute another person entered the deodorized room to physically determine the presence or absence of the offensive odor.

Tests : Boiled cabbage - Fried onions - Decaying Fish - Chicken intestine - Limburger Cheese -

Results : All odors were completely destroyed by Odor Eliminator .

Usage Ideas :

Use this product to eliminate any undesirable odor quickly and safely.
Removes musty smell,dog and cat urine odor, cat spray, garbage smell odor, skunk odor, refrigerator odor,garbage disposal odor, odors in concrete, fish odor, defication odor,bathroom odors,car odors etc.

Can be used in
Rendering Plants, Slaughter Houses, Morgues, Funeral Homes, Zoos, kennels, Public Rest Rooms, Garbage Areas, Dumpsters, Laundry Shoots, Sewerage Areas, mortuaries, Hotels,Motels, Air-conditioning filters, and any areas where objectionable odors are to be removed.


. Use as an air spray

. Use as a surface spray

. Atomizers

. Use to wash down surfaces and remove odors

. Apply by using a fogging unit or trigger sprayer to eliminate any undesirable airborne odor.

. Use as a surface spray on a near foul odor

. Use in mop water

. Weekly application in air conditioning filters.


Minimum order is only 1 single quart or 1 single gallon

1 single quart

1 single gallon

4x1 single Gallons per case

6x1 single gallons per case

5 gallon pails

6 gallon pails

30 gallon drum

55 gallon drum


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