1. Food Plant Industrial Degreaser
  2. Wipe On - Wipe Off
  3. For Use In Removing: Grease and Carbon From Ovens, Stove Hoods, Greasy Vents and Grills. Fat and other food soils.
  4. A Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser


A specially formulated highly alkaline detergent, used for quick removal of grease and carbon from ovens, stove hoods, greasy vents and grills. This product quickly removes animal fat, grease and other food soils which accumulate on surfaces and equipment. Special penetrants pierce hard film like magic; grease begins to emulsify and break down immediately. This product designed for use in areas where food is cooked, handled, prepared or processed. May be used on ovens and other equipment while temperatures are still as high as 200 degrees F. The chemical action is continuous and rapid. U.SD.A. approved for use in food service areas.


This product should be diluted 2 to 4 oz. Per gallon of water. Use 1:1 for extreme deposits of grease or food buildups. Spray or apply solution and allow adequate time for chemical action, then rinse off.


4x1 single Gallons per case

6x1 single gallons per case

5 gallon pails

6 gallon pails

30 gallon drum

55 gallon drum


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