Vehicle Maintenance



  1. FUEL Additive For Gas - Fuel Oil - Diesel Fuel
  2. All In One Treatment
  3. Gasoline Additive Features Include:
  4. Carburetor Detergency
  5. Port Fuel Injector Detergency
  6. Reduction of Emissions
  7. Improved Fuel Economy Intake Value Detergency
  8. Fight Gas Line Freeze
  9. Rust & Corrosion Prevention
  10. Improved Performance


A superior multifunctional dispersant/detergent gasoline and diesel fuel additive. Formulation incorporates a select premium quality fluidizer oil, corrosion inhibitor, metal deactivator, lubricity agent and antioxidant.; This multi functional additive provides overall intake system detergency designed for treatment applications.

. The use of this product will not negatively interact with engine lubricating oils, and will not harm catalytic converters.

Diesel Fuel Additive Features Include:

  • Cleans Fuel System
  • Improves Lubricity
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Dispersancy For Insoluble Gum
  • Increase Fuel Stability
  • Increase Filter Life
  • Improve Engine Performance


Gas Additive: General dilutions or maintenance dosage: Use 1 pint of additive to 30 gallons of gas.

. For initial cleanup use 1 pint to 15 gallons of gas.

. Additive dosage will vary depending upon the user's desire for keep clean or clean up performance.

. If severe soil conditions are present in motor use 1 pint to 15 gallons of gas.

Diesel Fuel/Fuel Oil Additive: General dilutions or maintenance dosage: Use 1 gallon of additive to 1200 gallons of fuel


4x1 single Gallons per case

6x1 single gallons per case

5 gallon pails

6 gallon pails

30 gallon drum

55 gallon drum


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