Vomit Clean Up

Vomit Clean Up Kit Cherry Odor Granules


  1. 1. Heavy cherry scented
    2. Excellent Vomit Absorbant


Just sprinkle virtually anywhere! These impregnated granules are designed to end odor problems at their source, verily by sprinkling or scattering the granules wherever odors exist. These granules may be used from cigarette urns to large dump areas, or wherever objectionable odors prevail. Use on wet spills or vomit to absorb liquid and cover odors. Use freely to maintain a constant: air of freshness. Just sprinkle away all odors. Mix with sweeping compound, if desired: allow to stand several minutes and then sweep in regular manner.

. General Use: Sprinkle into empty garbage receptacles, large or small, and add additional amount of granules for the large receptacles outside restaurants, motels, hotels, cafeterias, etc.

. Garbage Trucks : May also be used to help deodorize refuse/garbage trucks by shoveling odor control granules into the compartments.

. Use for drain beds, leaching field, waste dumps, locker rooms, kennels, sewer, manholes.


Minimum Order: (6)1-lb shaker cans per case

(6)1-lb shaker cans per case

(12) 1lb shaker cans per case

(24) 1lb shaker cans per case

25Lb Containers

40 Lb. Containers


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