Water and Boiler Treatment



  1. Non Acid
  2. Non Fuming
  3. Keeps Drains Free and Flowing
  4. Not For House Hold Use Or Retail Sale
  5. For Industrial Use Only
  6. Contains Potassium Hydroxides
  7. Drain Conditioner Used Each Week Save Time - Save Work - Saves Money


Dissolves all organic obstructions: Grease, Hair, Coffee, Grounds, Soap, Sludge, Rags, Paper, Food, etc.

. Drains, Completely Clogged: Remove any standing water and slowly pour 16 ounces in drain - let stand for 45 minutes. If necessary repeat treatment and let stand 45 minutes. For large drains, several treatments may be required and let stand over night before flushing with water.

. Drains, Semi-Clogged: Slowly pour 8 ounces in drain - let stand for 30 minutes. If necessary repeat treatment, after last application, flush thoroughly with water.


12 qts per case


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